2023.08 | Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co.,Ltd. was awarded by Sichuan Electric Power Enterprise Association

On August 17, 2023, Zhouan Han, CEO of Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co.,LTD., and Bai Yang, Deputy general manager, were invited to participate in the second quarter new member symposium organized by Sichuan Electric Power Enterprise Association.

Founded in 2007, Sichuan Electric Power Enterprise Association is a provincial electric power industry association and an "AAAA level" social organization approved by Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department. The association is an industry organization composed of Sichuan electric power installation (repair, test) enterprises and related power generation, power supply, power sales, large and medium-sized power users, power survey and design, power system (repair) manufacturing units, scientific research institutions, power service providers, etc.

As a bridge and link between relevant government departments and relevant power enterprises in the province, Sichuan Electric Power Enterprise Association aims to unite the province's power installation (repair, test), power generation, power sales, large and medium-sized power users and other power industry entities for sustainable and healthy development, and promote member units to be socially responsible enterprises.


As a member of Sichuan Electric Power Enterprise Association, Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to the research and development, production and service of solar inverter, energy storage key products and new energy vehicle powertrain system in the field of new energy, and always makes efforts to promote the green transformation and development of the power industry, and fully promotes the development of clean energy and energy storage system industry to achieve new breakthroughs and a new atmosphere.