2023.10 | Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co., Ltd. Participated In Lab Asia 2023

From October 10 to 12, 2023, the eighth Asia International Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (Lab Asia) was held in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, which is the largest laboratory instruments and technology exhibition in Southeast Asia led by the Malaysian Chemical Federation.

The exhibition brought together more than 400 exhibitors from different countries and regions of the world to demonstrate scientific instruments and laboratory equipment and advanced technologies for more than 7,000 laboratory decision makers on site.

It also provides attendees with on-site technical discussions, business matchmaking, and networking opportunities with leading experts and professionals from around the world.

Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition. Its multi-function adjustable DC power supply, portable mobile power supply, reconfigurable mobile power system and other new products in 2023 debuted at this conference.


1. DC power supply series

GPS300 and GPD200 series products adopt multi-function integrated design, with 1 way adjustable multi-channel fixed output, a variety of communication interfaces, clock signal output and other core functions.

While meeting the demand for high-quality power supply, it reduces the resource occupation of customers' instruments and tools, making the test environment more efficient and simple from construction to use, and suitable for different application scenarios such as scientific experiments, engineering tests, and production tests.

2. Portable mobile power supply series

GOMP-7000 series products adopt large-capacity portable design, with 5000W AC output, multi-channel common DC output, 7000Wh power, compatible with AC/DC charging mode, safe and reliable single carry and other core functions.

It can meet the demand for industrial power supply with high power and long endurance, and is widely used in different application scenarios such as field surveying and mapping, large-scale outdoor activities, and indoor emergency power supply.

3. Reconfigurable mobile power supply series

GOMPS-35000 series products adopt modular design, with expandable 35Kwh super capacity, high power output, a variety of AC and DC output interfaces, the system has cloud management capabilities, convenient outdoor users remote monitoring equipment status and other features.

The lightweight module design of the battery box is suitable for single handling, and can be reconstructed and expanded according to the on-site demand, providing long-term and stable power supply for outdoor high-power electrical equipment.

The series of new products exhibited in this exhibition have been widely concerned by the industry, attracting many experts and customers in the fields of scientific research, surveying and mapping, experimental system integration and other fields to come to consult and negotiate.


Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Lab Asia Exhibition! Chengdu Gwatt Technology Co., Ltd. is looking forward to long-term cooperation with you!!!